The purpose of the Lean office system is to optimise processes in administration, thus reducing the time and costs of order execution. It is achieved by dividing processes (e.g. planning, purchasing, decision-making) into different activities based on their duration. This helps to easily notice wastes and problems as well as plan actions for their elimination.

Using Lean methods, we teach employees how to quickly identify wastes: unnecessary information and work tools in the workplace, long waiting for information, unnecessary walking and carrying documents to communicate information or coordinate decisions, information corrections and fixing mistakes, preparing unnecessary reports or duplicating tasks. Employees are involved in the elimination of these problems and they create clear rules of procedure and work standards. In this way, the organisation ensures smooth operation, while maintaining the optimal amount of information or work tools and establishing clear responsibilities and priorities.

Active contribution to the implementation of Lean methods increases the involvement of employees and develops their skills, independence, responsibility and teamwork.